The plastic barrels of the future are now made in the US

The future of plastics, a key ingredient in plastics that make up a majority of the world’s plastic waste, has been pushed into the US.

Reuters reported that the US is now the world leader in producing plastics in the United States, a market that has grown more than 50 percent over the last two decades.

The company that makes plastic in the U.S., JCPenney, is the first major US company to announce that it will be sourcing most of its plastics from China, a major producer of plastic at home and abroad.JCPenneys parent company, ConAgra Foods, has said that Chinese demand for its plastic bags and other packaging materials is driven by a need to reduce waste and address climate change.

In February, China surpassed Japan as the world largest producer of disposable plastic bags, with more than 12.7 million.

In March, JCPensons parent company JCPENSHOP, announced plans to increase production of plastic bags in the Pacific Northwest and the Great Plains.

The report from Reuters noted that JCPennials plastics production, which grew by more than 1 percent in the second quarter of 2017, was still far short of the demand the company had predicted, and the U to produce as much plastic as the global economy.

The announcement comes as JCPenny is also expanding its business overseas, expanding production to more than 200 countries.