‘No way’: Plastic Barrel Bellingham to close shop after plastic barrel leaks

The plastic barrel barbeque restaurant in Beaconsfield, Ohio, plans to close down after plastic barrels leaked from its barrel tanks.

Owner Josh Beardson said he has “no idea” why the plastic barrels have leaked.

The Beardsons said the leaking plastic barrels started when a customer spilled some of the spilled beer onto the barbequed surface.

The company has been working to clean up the spill.

The company’s owner said it is a big deal that the leaking containers were covered with a layer of plastic.

He said it’s not the first time the barrels have leaky containers.

In 2014, a barrel tank in a nearby warehouse leaked plastic, leaving a hole in the floor.

Beardson and his brother, John, said the leaks were “a pretty serious issue,” and that they are looking into replacing the barrels.

Beardonson said they are “going to go ahead and close up” until the problem is fixed.

The restaurant has about 1,500 square feet and was located on a farm about 30 miles (48 kilometers) south of Columbus.

The Beardsones said they plan to reopen with a new beer, but the company is still unsure how long it will take.