How to fix the problem with the plastic barrel on your phone

The plastic barrel that sits inside your smartphone’s battery is one of the most annoying problems we’ve seen with phones recently.

While most battery-saving devices include a battery-tightening mechanism, these are not always functional.

While the Samsung Galaxy S7, for instance, has a battery tightening mechanism that doesn’t work properly, most other phones use similar methods.

So what are the options?

Read on to find out.1.

Turn off battery drain.

It is possible to turn off battery drains by pressing the power button on the phone, but doing so can also make the battery drain appear in the system status bar.

When this happens, the battery will continue draining until you press the power key again.

The device will automatically turn off when you press it again.2.

Disconnect your battery.

If your battery doesn’t drain completely, there is still a way to stop the battery draining.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or the Galaxy Note 10.1, this method will also work.3.

Recharge your battery via USB.

You can also charge your phone using a USB cable or the micro USB port on the back of the phone.

If this is not possible, you can use a power bank.4.

Use a power saver.

The battery-saver option is only available in Samsung Galaxy devices, which means it won’t work in most other Samsung devices.

The easiest way to do this is to power off the phone and then press the volume down button on your device.

If the battery is still draining, it will immediately stop draining.5.

Disable the battery saver by turning off the device’s power button.

If all this is successful, the device will turn off, then the battery won’t drain anymore.6.

Remove the battery from the phone by powering it off and turning the phone off.7.

Turn the battery back on, and let it charge for a few more minutes.

You should see the battery charging again.

If not, power it off again.