When Plastic Bottles and Plastic Barrels Collide

Plastic barrels are the next big thing.

It’s not too long since plastic barrels first made the news, but now, thanks to a pair of lawsuits filed in California and New York, plastic barrels are becoming a big deal.

The lawsuits allege that plastic barrels have led to a slew of illnesses and deaths.

As a result, plastic barrel manufacturers are fighting back. 

The California case has brought the issue to the forefront, and as it stands, the industry seems to be going along with the lawsuits.

In California, the state of California has taken the lead in protecting the public health.

As of June, the California Attorney General has launched a public health initiative called California Plastic Bottling Guidelines, which seeks to protect consumers from plastic barrels.

But as the California lawsuit illustrates, the plastic barrel industry is not willing to sit still.

The California Plastic Barrel Consumers Association filed the California Plastic Bottle Consumers lawsuit against several plastic barrel companies, claiming that plastic barrel products are dangerous.

The association is currently suing seven of the companies that manufacture plastic barrels in California.

The lawsuit claims that the plastic barrels do not meet the requirements for the California plastic barrel guidelines, and that some of the barrels are made of metal that is not plastic. 

In addition to California, other states have also taken the plastic bottle industry to task for their plastic barrel issues.

In Florida, plastic bottle manufacturers have filed a lawsuit against the state. 

Florida is also taking on the industry in the United States.

Last week, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi filed suit against plastic barrel makers in the state, accusing them of creating unsafe plastic barrel containers and causing deaths.

The plastic barrels contain a toxic metal, known as phenol, which is known to cause cancer and birth defects.

Bondi is also suing the plastic makers for using phenol in plastic barrel bottles.

Plastic barrel makers claim that they can avoid the toxic phenol by manufacturing their barrels with a different metal. 

“It is clear that the industry has become a victim of this litigation and has been trying to protect its brand and image,” said Michael O’Hara, vice president of marketing for the Plastic Barrel Manufacturers Association. 

But while the plastic barons of the plastic bottles may be at a disadvantage in the legal fight, the plastics industry has been doing well.

The industry is expected to see $20 billion in sales this year.