Plastic barrel greenhouse, new, is up to £2,000 cheaper than other alternatives

Plastic barrel-style greenhouse will cost up to half as much as similar models to be used in the UK, but it is the first to be designed with sustainable materials in mind, according to a new UK report.

The new design by the British Sustainable Technology Centre is the latest in a series of projects that aim to improve the environment, reduce carbon emissions and reduce the use of plastic, the report says.

The greenhouse, designed by the UK-based Plastic Barrel Greenhouse Design, costs around £2.50, but will be cheaper than comparable models available in the market.

The greenhouse was designed to produce a minimum of 2,500 litres of greenhouse gas per year, the equivalent of producing about one metric ton of CO2.

It uses a combination of materials, including recycled plastic bottles and containers, to create a sustainable building material, with the help of recycled and organic materials.

The company is also aiming to use recycled plastic, which is now used in a large number of plastics products.

The new greenhouse is designed to be built in a three-storey structure that can accommodate a maximum of six people.

The first prototype was installed in the British town of Ballymun in June last year, and is currently being tested.