Plastic floating barrels: Plastic floating guns are here

Plastic floating barrel (PGB) is a type of explosive, designed to produce a shock wave that travels along the water surface.

They are designed to be detonated at a distance and have a wide range of uses in urban environments.

PGB can be deployed to cause a significant amount of damage to objects and buildings.

The use of PGB in urban areas is not unheard of, but the range of use is relatively limited.

In urban areas, the PGB is used as a form of self-defense and to disperse explosive substances.

PGBs are not widely used in India, although they are used as part of a range of other security measures.

The most commonly used type of PGBs is called an explosive charge, which can be used in the form of plastic barrels.

It is similar to the type of weapon that is commonly used by terrorists, who use it to create shock waves that can cause massive destruction.

Plastic floating charges (PGBs) are used to disperse a large amount of explosive substances (such as tear gas, stun grenades and smoke grenades).

In India, the number of plastic floating charges deployed in urban settings has increased by several fold over the last decade.

A recent report by the Ministry of Defence, however, indicates that the number may have dropped significantly over the past five years, especially in Mumbai, which has a population of more than 10 million.

PG barrels are commonly found in the shape of rectangular plastic cylinders, which are shaped like a cone, which they are filled with the explosive material.

The cylinders are used for the purpose of dispersing the explosive substance and are commonly deployed as a weapon of war.

Plastic explosives are widely used for urban and rural areas in India.

In rural areas, plastic explosive charges are more commonly deployed to disperse the volatile material, such as tear gasses, as they can disperse it with a force of 10-15 kilograms per square meter (3-5 tons per square kilometer).

In the case of urban areas like Mumbai, plastic explosives are often deployed to clear the streets of the city and to cause minor injuries.

PGMs are usually deployed to cover large areas of an urban area and are designed for use in urban situations.

PGPs are used in conjunction with other security and defence measures, such the use of rubber bullets and stun grenades.

These weapons can be found in both urban and remote areas of India, with the use in rural areas being most prevalent.

The number of PGPs deployed in Mumbai has decreased since the last five years.

In 2011, the government increased the number by 30,000 to 100,000, but in 2013, the new increase was cut to 10,000.

In 2016, the Maharashtra government increased by 30 percent the number to 2,000 PGPs per day.

PGWs are used by the government in urban and industrial areas in rural India.

They can be armed with a small explosive charge and can be fired with an air cannon, which is a weapon designed to disperse water and gas.

In a city environment, PGWs may be used for riot control.

In Mumbai, PGW was deployed in areas where the police were deployed as part to control protests.

The police used PGWs to disperse protesters, but also to disperse stone pelters.

Police were also deployed to control the crowds that were pelting the streets in the city.

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