Plastic barrel boat, plastic barrel canoe to return to the water this season

A plastic barrel boat and plastic barrel caddie are set to return this season to the Lake Erie waterfront, as the Erie Canal Authority has announced that they will be on display in the waters near the shore.

A boat of similar design was on display at the Port of Erie’s Harborfront Museum in 2013, but the lakefront site was closed off for about a year after the boat’s owners and visitors were accused of trying to break into the museum, and for months afterward.

A day after the closure, the museum reopened with the two boats, which were displayed in a small aquarium on the dock.

A year later, the Erie Harborfront Park Authority decided to reopen the area to the public, which has led to some changes to the boat.

A sign posted by the park authority states that the two new boats will be open to the general public in 2017, while the older wooden boat will be in use from April through September.

The boats are designed by Lake Erie Boat Works and built by A.P.C.O. in Erie, New York.