How plastic barrels have become a powerful weapon in the war on terror

In January, the world’s biggest plastic barrel maker, Oceana, announced it would start making barrels for the Saudi military.

In August, the US announced plans to sell about 40,000 of the barrels.

The barrels are used in bombs and cruise missiles, including the US Air Force’s new “Little Boy” missile.

The US also plans to buy some 1,000 more barrels from OceANA in 2021, the company said.

Since the Saudi air campaign began in 2015, more than 3,000 people have been killed, and hundreds of thousands have been displaced, according to the UN.

Plastic weapons have also become a potent weapon in conflicts around the world.

A report by the UN and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) found that plastic munitions such as plastic explosive shells, plastic bottles, and other weapons have been used in more than 60% of armed conflicts in 2016.

They found that at least 2,865 civilians have been wounded and 1,078 killed.

“We have seen plastic weapons being used in the past year in conflicts in the Horn of Africa, in Afghanistan, in Central and South Asia, in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” says Mark Stokes, a UN and NRC researcher on plastic weapons.

Plastic is made from carbon-dioxide, which has a very low melting point, meaning that it melts at a temperature of only 1.8 degrees Celsius.

This means that the more it is used in a conflict, the more dangerous it becomes.

It is made of hundreds of different types of plastic materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic glass, and more.

Many of the plastic materials that are used are used as packaging and are also often sold in food stores.

Some of these products are used to make containers for goods such as bottles, lids, and plastic bags, which are then sold for use in containers or on packaging.

According to the NRC, a total of 9,000 tonnes of plastic have been seized in the last two years in conflicts across the Middle East and North Africa, with 1,300 tonnes in Syria alone.

In Yemen, more plastic has been used for explosive devices than in the entire conflict in 2016, according a UN report.

In the past five years, the war in Yemen has claimed more than 5,000 lives, with an estimated 5,700 children killed, according the Nrc.

In addition to plastic weapons, the UN says that plastic explosive devices, including shrapnel, have been found in at least 8,000 incidents across the region, including in Lebanon, Jordan, and the Gaza Strip.

Plastic bombs can be extremely dangerous.

According the UN, plastic explosives can detonate up to two metres (6 feet) away from the target, which can cause injuries to bystanders and kill civilians.

The United Nations says that at the end of a five-year war in Afghanistan in 2009, plastic bombs killed at least 300 civilians.

Plastic explosives can also cause serious injury or death, such as when they detonate near civilians, and in 2017, the World Health Organization warned that plastic bombs in Yemen can cause cancer.

A UN report also found that a Saudi-led coalition of countries, including Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan, launched plastic bombs on Yemen in 2016 that resulted in more fatalities than the total number of civilians killed in the conflict.

In Syria, plastic munitions have been deployed in the areas of Idlib, Homs, and Eastern Ghouta, as well as in the rebel-held city of Idlib in 2017.

In 2018, a report by Amnesty International found that more than 400 people, including civilians, have died in at the hands of plastic bombs since the start of the conflict in Syria in 2011.

“The number of people who have been seriously injured and killed in plastic-packed munitions is staggering,” the report said.

According a recent report by Human Rights Watch, plastic containers are also used in some countries to make food, such the plastic bag used in food packaging.

Plastic containers can be used to transport food, water, and cigarettes to supermarkets, restaurants, and shopping malls.

A plastic bag can be loaded onto a plane and transported from the airport to a destination, and a plastic bottle can be filled with water or other food products to take to the grocery store.

According TOG, a company that sells plastic containers to the US military, a plastic bag is considered a “military grade” container, while a plastic water bottle is considered an “operational grade” one.

Plastic bags and containers are often used in countries such as the United States and Saudi Arabia to store food and fuel, and also as weapons.

In 2017, plastic weapons used in Syria were found in food containers.

“These containers are used for food storage and as ammunition and as a weapon,” said Michael O’Brien, director of international policy at TOG.

Plastic fuel containers are common in Yemen, where food is a major source of income, according

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