The world’s most powerful video game console may be headed for the black market, but there’s hope it could be a hit

Posted November 19, 2017 11:25:10 The PlayStation 4 has been a massive success, but it’s also been plagued with technical issues, and the console’s successor, the PlayStation 5, is set to come out next month.

A new report from Japanese media outlet Nikkei suggests that the PlayStation 4 could have its own market.

The PlayStation 5 will be a game console, the report claims, but one that has been built specifically for gamers.

That means the console will be “built with gamers in mind.”

That’s not to say that Sony will have all the answers on how to best market the new console to its target audience, but the company is looking to build a product that it thinks will appeal to those who love to play.

The Nikkeis report notes that a number of high-profile gamers have spoken out in favor of the PS5, saying they want it to be a better experience than the PS4.

But the report goes on to say it doesn’t think the PS6 will be any better, or that the PSX will be able to compete with it.

That leaves a lot of space for the PlayStation to prove itself, and that’s something the company needs to do, Nikkeiss said.

The report does note that there are some issues with the PS2, including some issues related to memory management, but Nikkeisme has previously said the PS3 was the best console ever made.

So while it doesn, at times, feel like a bad bet, the PS 4 will certainly be an appealing choice for gamers who want to play games that are more realistic and challenging than the likes of Halo or Call of Duty.