Watch as a young child plays with an explosive device

Posted March 04, 2019 17:51:40 A young child has played with a device believed to be an explosive as it was detonated during a demonstration in the southern Australian city of Alice Springs.

Key points:The device was discovered after a police raid at a home in the city’s westThe device, which police believe was detonated remotely, was recovered by a child care worker at the sceneThe device is believed to have been made by a Russian companyIt was detonated near a childrens play area during the demonstrationPolice said the device was found by a police officer as he searched the house where the demonstration was held.

“We found a number of things and then there was a bit of a shock, so the officer went to the scene,” Alice Springs Mayor Jim O’Donovan said.

“The officer had a backpack with him, and he went into the backyard and found a small device, a small explosive device, and went into a house and got a look at it.”

Police said they believed the device could have been a homemade bomb.

“It’s a device that looks like it could have had a very large explosion in it,” Assistant Commissioner Mark Ritchie said.

Police said it was believed the explosive device was an older version of a similar device used in the Paris attacks in November last year.

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