A new plastic barrel is the new way to store plastic

Montreal, Canada — It’s not every day you get to experience the thrill of a new product.

And for some, that thrill may be even greater than the price.

Plastic barrels are becoming increasingly popular in Canada as consumers look for alternative solutions to keeping plastic out of the environment.

But plastic barrels aren’t cheap.

They can be pricey to manufacture, and it can take up to a year for the barrels to be fully assembled and ready for sale.

Plastic barrel manufacturer Monty Plastic is now introducing a new plastic product that is more affordable, and that can be assembled and shipped in a few days.

The company says it’s one of the first companies to offer plastic barrels at a cost that’s less than what they were before.

“It’s been a long road for us,” said Monty CEO Daniel Gaudreau.

“But we are finally ready to deliver on our promise to our customers.”

Plastic barrels, which use a metal shell to contain plastic pellets, are becoming more popular because they are cheap and they can be made quickly, allowing for the installation of plastic-free products like plastic milk jugs and glass bottles.

But manufacturers have been hesitant to offer them at the low price Monty is offering, because they’re typically more expensive than traditional containers.

The new plastic container will be about $7.95 and will ship in a two-day delivery window.

It’s expected to be available in the spring of 2019.

A $1,000 price tag for the plastic barrel has become a hot topic among manufacturers.

Plastic containers have been available for years in many countries, including in the United States, but plastic barrels have been relatively rare.

Plastic bins, which are similar to plastic barrels, have become more common in recent years in the U.S. because of increased plastic use.

However, plastic bins have been less popular than plastic barrels because they can take longer to assemble and can’t be shipped by air or water.

The Monty container will also have some other upgrades, including a lid that can hold up to six plastic pellets and a glass container for storing the pellets.

But it will still require a small amount of space for the pellets to be packed into the container, which will allow it to be easily transported by the public.

Monty also says the container will have a capacity of more than two gallons, which is about four times as much as the previous plastic container.

In addition, the new plastic tube will be manufactured in-house, using a process called “super-stretch.”

The company is aiming for a production capacity of 20,000 barrels a year.

It expects to have a shelf life of more the year after that, and said the container could be ready for shipment in the first half of 2020.