California’s plastic barrel ‘inconvenient’ for homeowners

California’s state legislature on Wednesday approved legislation to allow residents to use insulated plastic barrels to store water in their homes.

The bill, which will be heard by the Assembly Appropriations Committee, passed the Assembly on a voice vote after a marathon session of more than five hours.

It is the first time plastic barrel legislation has been considered by the state legislature.

In recent years, California has become increasingly reliant on plastic barrels as a way to store rainwater for homeowners, and this legislation is designed to help ease that burden.

It will be used to store about one-third of California’s estimated 2.7 billion cubic feet of rainwater each year.

California has a number of laws designed to mitigate water scarcity and mitigate the damage that the state’s growing population and growing population of homes can do to water supplies.

The law that passed Wednesday, which requires plastic barrels for storing water, is one of the most ambitious in the country.

It also includes some restrictions, such as requiring the storage of at least five feet of plastic in every 5-foot (1 meter) container.

The plastic barrel was a popular solution for homeowners in California before its use in homes started to become common in the 1990s.

The plastic barrel has become a popular alternative to glass, which is not designed to hold a lot of water, and is also not widely available.

The new bill makes the plastic barrel the default storage container in California.

The Assembly voted to approve the bill, and it will go before the full Assembly for a final vote.