What do you want from your plastic barrel cap?

The first thing you might think about is the weight of the barrel itself.

However, plastic barrel craft manufacturers, makers and users have found that it is a great choice for their products.

A number of companies, like Muzzleloader and BrassCraft, have introduced innovative ways to reduce weight and improve durability and aesthetics.

The best way to reduce the weight is by using a stainless steel barrel cap.

This is an alloy that is made from steel, brass, aluminum and carbon.

These materials are known to be extremely lightweight and are used in many different products and materials.

The MuzzleLoader BrassCraft barrel cap is an example of this.

This cap is made of 304 stainless steel, which is also one of the most durable materials.

It also offers great corrosion resistance, while retaining excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility.

The BrassCraft Muzzleloaders barrel cap features a threaded cap to allow the barrel to be securely attached to a firearm, while allowing the barrel cap to be attached to an existing barrel cap without any modifications.

The brass caps are available in a variety of finishes.

They are available with either a matte or a glossy finish.

This coating can help keep the surface shiny and durable, but also gives it a unique look.

BrassCraft also offers stainless steel and brass versions for use with Muzzle Loaders muzzle devices.

For more information on brass and brasscraft barrel caps and other brasscraft products, visit BrassCraft’s website here.