Gamo barrel for Gamo Mini 5-Gun is expected to arrive in the US this month

Gamo, the maker of the Gamo Barrel, is expected this month to ship its first barrel in the United States.

According to an industry source, Gamo’s first barrel will be made of the plastic barrel spigenotek.

This spigoti is manufactured by an Italian company and is a polymer material that has been used for a long time to make some of the best spigots on the market.

The company has been selling spigotted cartridges for years in Asia and Europe.

The first of the cartridges sold in the USA is made of plastic.

In addition, Gamos latest barrel, a 5-gauge, is made out of anodized aluminum.

The spigoter can also be used in some cases.

The spigoto is a proprietary material that is also used in high-end video game cartridges.

It is also an important element for making a gun that fires the right amount of bullets at the right time.

The barrel is made by Gamo and the company expects to ship the first one in the U.S. in early November.

It will have a price tag of $7,500, which is a bit higher than the $5,000 that other manufacturers charge for the same barrel.

The first Gamo mini 5-gun, shown here, will be a “sporting mini,” the company says, and will have an effective range of up to 300 yards.

The rifle will also be available in .22LR and .22 Short, which are standard calibers for the Mini.