Why are plastic barrels making their way to China?

In the United States, plastic barrels are considered a “food product” and are banned from food and beverage stores and food service.

However, plastic is being imported to China.

A new report found that China’s plastic barrels could be used to produce a range of other products, including plastic toys and plastic bags.

According to a report by The New York Times, China is currently the largest exporter of plastic to the U.S. It is estimated that more than 10 percent of the U,S.

plastic imports come from China.

The report said the U.,S.

should start limiting imports of plastic from China in the near future.

The article said China was importing plastic from other countries including Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Indonesia.

The paper also noted that China is reportedly considering exporting the plastic in bulk to the United Kingdom.

The article said that China could be shipping up to 20 million tons of plastic annually, a massive amount for a country that does not produce any plastic products.

China’s imports of U. S. plastic were $5.4 billion last year, according to data from the U:Department of Agriculture.

That number is roughly double the $1.3 billion that the U.:Department of Commerce reported in February that China was the world’s largest importer of American plastic.