The Irish-owned bulkpartyssupplies plastic barrels may not be safe for drinking

Plastics used to make plastic barrels are not allowed in Ireland, the country’s largest bulk wholesaler.Plastic barrels have been banned in some countries in Europe but there are a number of alternatives available to consumers.However, the Irish Government has decided to keep the ban on plastic barrels at the moment.“We are committed to the use […]

Why is plastic used to wash your plastic barrels?

Plastic is a ubiquitous, everyday material.The chemical elements in plastic are often recycled or recycled through a process called polymerization.Plastic can also be manufactured by hand, by spinning a plastic wheel or by pouring it in a metal tank.However, most plastics are made by chemical reactions involving two chemicals: polyacrylamide and acrylamides.Polyacryamides, which are formed […]