How to build a plastic barrel cart from wood

In this episode of The Plastic Barrel Podcast, we’ll take a look at how to build an amazing plastic barrel barrel cart.As with any barrel cart design, you’ll want to choose materials that you can afford.This can be as simple as using reclaimed wood or reclaimed metal, but you’ll also want to consider materials that […]

How to Build Your Own Plastic Barrel Gasket

The plastic barrel gasket that’s used to seal a plastic barrel to prevent it from cracking or leaking.The metal barrel is held together with duct tape and screws, while the plastic is made from a plastic-reinforced polymer.To build the gasket, you’ll need a plastic barge, a metal container with a metal hinge, a plastic container […]

When plastic barrels hit the market, it will be a huge boon for the environment

Plastic barrels, which are used in the manufacture of plastic beverage containers and bottles, have been linked to the release of toxic chemicals such as methane, carbon monoxide and mercury, according to a new study.Researchers from Purdue University in Indiana and the Environmental Defense Fund say the new research supports their conclusion that plastic barrels […]