What do you want from your plastic barrel cap?

The first thing you might think about is the weight of the barrel itself.However, plastic barrel craft manufacturers, makers and users have found that it is a great choice for their products.A number of companies, like Muzzleloader and BrassCraft, have introduced innovative ways to reduce weight and improve durability and aesthetics.The best way to reduce […]

Plastic barrel caps to replace plastic fermenting bays: “We’re going to have a really big revolution”

Plastic fermenting containers are the most common way for small brewers to store their beer, which is a huge problem.They’re often hard to find and pricey, and they can also take up a lot of space.Plastic bays can also be a bit of a pain in the ass to deal with when you’re brewing, because […]

What you need to know about plastic barrels

What you may not know about the plastic barrels on most modern firearms.1.Plastic barrels are usually made of metal.Plastic is a plastic.The metal parts are made of carbon and/or a chemical compound called binder.Binder is a very fine, non-porous material that can be mixed with other materials to create a material that is lighter, easier […]

When plastic barrels are no longer necessary

Plastic barrels are getting less and less common.And as we’ve covered before, the industry is looking for ways to make more efficient ways to store their contents, especially when it comes to a metal barrel.So what are the most efficient ways that you can store plastic barrels and how can you maximize the savings?Plastic Barrel […]