How to fix your plastic barrel with a plastic flotation tube

Posted October 09, 2018 09:29:20 Plastics are used for everything from building to clothing.And for those who want to keep plastic bottles from getting moldy or contaminated with microorganisms, there are many ways to keep them safe.These methods have been tested, tested, and are known to work.But there are a few things you should be […]

How plastic barrels have become a powerful weapon in the war on terror

In January, the world’s biggest plastic barrel maker, Oceana, announced it would start making barrels for the Saudi military.In August, the US announced plans to sell about 40,000 of the barrels.The barrels are used in bombs and cruise missiles, including the US Air Force’s new “Little Boy” missile.The US also plans to buy some 1,000 […]

How to make a plastic barrel chair

Plastic barrels are a very popular type of woodworking table.They can be made with a variety of materials and sizes, and are made to look like real wood, including the wood used in the chairs of the movie Titanic.Plastic barrels can also be made to fit into any other shape, from the cylindrical, rectangular, and […]