Plastic barrel grill is ‘a perfect example of a gadget you can’t get wrong’

Plastic barrel boats are getting a makeover with a plastic grill that uses plastic to protect the inner workings of the boat from the elements.The company behind the invention is a British company called Plastic Barrel Grill and the product is designed to allow for long-term storage of items such as bottles, cans, foodstuffs and […]

How to safely store plastic rainwater containers

Plastic rainwater storage containers have become a standard feature for many businesses around the world, including many that serve water.The plastic container is typically used for holding water that is often used to treat the wastewater that is discharged into the water system.The containers have a collapsible barrel, which is attached to the barrel lock […]

How to make a plastic barrel lock for your bathroom

Plastic barrel locks can be used for a variety of applications.If you’ve ever used a kitchen lock, then you know what they look like: A metal cylinder with a flat top, and a flat bottom.This plastic barrel locks a small amount of plastic in the barrel.They can also be used as a small, portable lock, […]