How to create plastic barrel pitchers for plastic barrels

Plastic barrel pitchers are used to keep plastic bottles in the bottom of a plastic barrel for easier cleaning and storage.Plastic barrel pots are a popular choice for storing and dispensing plastic bottles as they can be made from a variety of materials and materials can be used to make a plastic pot.Plastic barrels are […]

When Plastic Bottles and Plastic Barrels Collide

Plastic barrels are the next big thing.It’s not too long since plastic barrels first made the news, but now, thanks to a pair of lawsuits filed in California and New York, plastic barrels are becoming a big deal.The lawsuits allege that plastic barrels have led to a slew of illnesses and deaths.As a result, plastic […]

Plastic Barrel Projectors for Plastic Barrel Latches

Plastic barrel latchets are a useful item to have for those who are looking for some decorative pieces for their plastic barrel projectors.I would love to have a plastic barrel latchet, but I don’t have enough time for it.┬áIf you have a question for us about plastic barrel projects you would like us to answer, […]