How to make a plastic barrel lock for your bathroom

Plastic barrel locks can be used for a variety of applications.If you’ve ever used a kitchen lock, then you know what they look like: A metal cylinder with a flat top, and a flat bottom.This plastic barrel locks a small amount of plastic in the barrel.They can also be used as a small, portable lock, […]

Plastic barrels, pots and bongs: How to make them low cost

How do you get the plastic barrels low cost?The simple answer is to make the bottles by hand.The trick is to get the bottle from a local supermarket or online.You can do this for less than $2 each.You’ll need: Plastic bottle bottle glass bottle bottles (bottle, glass or ceramic) disposable glass bottles (soda, coffee or […]

How to create plastic barrel pitchers for plastic barrels

Plastic barrel pitchers are used to keep plastic bottles in the bottom of a plastic barrel for easier cleaning and storage.Plastic barrel pots are a popular choice for storing and dispensing plastic bottles as they can be made from a variety of materials and materials can be used to make a plastic pot.Plastic barrels are […]