How to Make Plastic Barrel Docks

Plastic barrel docks are being developed in South Africa to replace the ageing plastic containers that are often thrown away, and will replace them with a more sustainable alternative.The technology is called Lift Plastic Barrels, and it’s being used in South Korea to make containers that can be recycled and reused.The new plastic barrels will […]

How to build a 3D printer that can print plastic barrels

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the large plastic barrel.It was about two inches long, and I had to carefully place the plastic barrel in the right place.The second thing I realized was that this 3D Printer had a few little plastic spindles inside it.I’m not going to spoil the […]

How plastic barrels are transforming the way we use our environment

Plastic barrels are a technology that promises to change how we use and store plastics, and they’re already starting to happen.But before they become widespread, they need to be tested.Plastic barrels, or biofuels as they’re commonly known, are a kind of plastic that has been used for a long time as a way to reduce […]