How Plastic Is Getting into the US Economy

It’s happening.We’re not talking about a single plastic barrel, but hundreds of plastic barrels being dumped in the United States every day, according to a new report from the Consumer Federation of America.That’s the biggest waste in the world right now, according the report, which found that plastic bottles were “disposing of themselves at alarming […]

Barrel plastic shields are a safe way to protect your plastic from rust

In a bid to protect their plastic barrels from rust, some breweries have adopted plastic shields as a way to reduce the risk of cracking.The plastic shields were developed in response to a growing problem in the beer industry, which has seen the use of plastic barrel caps and barrel caps that have become rust-prone […]

How to remove plastic barrels

Plastic barrels are common parts of many plastics and they can pose a risk to human health.They can pose serious health hazards, and can also create a new layer of contaminants in the environment.A common misconception is that plastic barrels pose a health risk to the consumer or the environment because they’re so common.In reality, […]

Which plastic barrels can be recycled?

Plastic barrels can potentially be recycled if they contain plastic material that has been treated to remove chemicals and impurities, according to the US Department of Agriculture.But if they are left exposed to the elements, they may cause an environmental disaster.plastic barrels are a type of plastic that has come to be used as a […]