How to Get Rid of Plastic Barrel Lifting

When I first started lifting plastic barrels I was surprised to find that many plastic barrels were not properly lapped.The first thing I did when I learned about this was to remove all of the plastic barrel lifter pieces from my barrel.The lifters are designed to pull the barrel out of the barrel, not lift […]

How to melt plastic barrel with a metal tool

Oklahomans have been using plastic barrels to store plastic items for decades, but the process has long been plagued by manufacturing issues.Now, researchers are trying to fix the problem with a new plastic barrel that can melt plastic.The new tool could help make plastic products more sustainable.-More from GlobalPost: Plastic barrels make for healthier plastics […]

Plastic barrels, pots and bongs: How to make them low cost

How do you get the plastic barrels low cost?The simple answer is to make the bottles by hand.The trick is to get the bottle from a local supermarket or online.You can do this for less than $2 each.You’ll need: Plastic bottle bottle glass bottle bottles (bottle, glass or ceramic) disposable glass bottles (soda, coffee or […]

This is what a plastic barrel looks like on the inside of a Lowes, says its creator

Fasteners to hold a plastic container and a screwdriver can be used to tighten plastic barrel caddies in Lowes stores and on online ordering sites.The caddie, usually a small plastic barrel with a screw driver, is attached to the caddy’s side with a string or a rubber band.This allows the caddier to tighten the caddle […]